Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Jersey Pizza Adventure Accomplished

Saturday, January 29 2011, was a great day for pizza, adventure, New Jersey, and humanity.

There were 4 of us all together. Many people - clearly not true adventurers - backed out for various lame reasons including the weather, sleeping, school work, and other personal failures. We missed our intended 11:14am train out of Penn Station and therefore gorged ourselves on giant Almond Snickers Bars. We departed at 12:14pm for Kingsland and made it there quickly.

Once in Kingsland, we had a roughly 2-mile walk to the first establishment, Pizzaland. Upon arrival at Pizzaland - after a sometimes arduous walk and after also taking a detour so a fallen comrade could buy sunglasses at a local CVS due to intense sunlight reactions - we were shocked to discover that said Pizzaland was closed due to "construction."  No plan survives first conact with the enemy.  We found a nearby spot named Joe's and got a pie, half-plain and half-white, and it was edible and not much more, I thought, although at least one adventurer liked it the best of the two places we ended up trying.

Afterwards we continued on our trek, which became more and more dangerous due to large piles of snow and unshoveled sidewalks.  It was not uncommon for us to have no choice but to walk on major roads, literally putting our lives in jeopardy.  We walked past projects and also found hot cocoa, at least in name, at a neighborhood bodega, which was an adventure in itself.  A light snow began to fall by late afternoon, and we reached our final destination, Star Tavern, at around 6pm. I thought the pizza here was great and ordered one for myself, although embarrasingly I couldn't finish the last 2 slices.

We made our way to the Orange New Jersey train station and headed home, glad to be alive.

Heading south to Pizzaland
Stopping at a CVS so a wounded comrade could buy sunglasses
Pizzaland - closed due to "construction"
Plan B
Plan B pizza - um, ok


The Nativity buried in snow - symbolic?

Star Tavern - an Orange Institution

The pizza was thin and flavorful - I would easily give it 8/10



  1. Looks like a great time had by all. Cant wait for the next adventure.

  2. After being informed about the maniacal plot of the Goldblatt regiment to destroy their pizza the Pizzaland battalion retreated.