Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Jersey Pizza Adventure

The first OFFICIAL train adventure of the New York Epic Food Adventurer's Club.  Yes, this is yet another pizza adventure.  However, pizza is good.  Also, if you do not like pizza and/or are sick of it, rest assured: there will be many non-pizza adventures in the future.

We will take a train from Penn Station to Kingsland, where we will walk about 2 miles to our first destination, Pizzaland, which was immortalized from the opening credit sequence of The Sopranos.  After eating there, we will walk about 5 miles to Star Tavern.  We will then take a train back to Manhattan.

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Date: Saturday, January 29 2011
Time: 11am
Rendezvous Point: NJ Transit Info Booth at Penn Station
Eating Destinations:
1) Pizzaland
2) Star Tavern
Neighborhoods Explored: North Arlington, NJ; Orange, NJ
Approximate Mileage: 8

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