Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bronx Adventure

First off, in a stunning display of I'm not exactly sure what, but definitely something not good, there were no adventures this summer.  I take no responsibility for this; I blame President Obama.  Anyway, what's done is done, and with a handful of extremely promising Republican candidates battling it out in the primaries, let us start a new season of food and adventure.

Have you ever wanted to eat Bangladeshi food and then browse Italian markets, looking for cheeses, meats and breads in the same day?  Me too.  Therefore, on Sunday, September 25, 2011, that's exactly what we'll do, eating at Neerob in Parkchester and then walking to the famed Arthur Avenue, the "Little Italy" of the Bronx.

E-mail to find out more or sign up, if you are not currently on the invitation list.

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011
Time: 11am
Rendezvous Point: Castle Hill Avenue 6 Train Station
Eating Destinations:
1) Neerob
2) Arthur Avenue markets
Neighborhoods Explored: Parkchester, Bronx; Belmont, Bronx
Approximate Mileage: 3-4

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